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Protective shades for air conditioners

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Creation favorable working environment in the offices and trading centers, with the use of ceiling mounted air conditioners has lately become the wide-spread method of solving several problems at the same time, namely, ensuring convenience to the customers and working stuff, and giving presentable look to the whole premise.

Conditioners not only decrease the air temperature in the premise, but decrease its moisture as well; consequently, the microclimate of the premises becomes more fresh and comfortable.
In search of freshness, the employees immediately direct the working ventilators at themselves and, in this way, decrease the grade on the conditioner sensor.

At the same time, the most of conditioner users face the problem of non-optimal air flow distribution: though conditioners are equipped with swing wing, distributing the air flow, this is not enough, because the direct ‘blow’ of hot or cold air causes discomfort, and in the most cases, results in cold or acute muscle spasm.

Protective shades for air conditioners are meant to solve this matter, that is, to create additional safety barrier and to protect employees and customers from excessive or insufficient hot or cold air flow.

The shade (shield, deflector) represents clear protective Plexiglas, which is installed directly on the conditioner and distributes the air flow through the surface of the ceiling. Cooled air, gradually losing its speed and flow rate, is distributed equally within the premise, without causing any discomfort to the employees.

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— The problem of ‘blowing from the conditioner’ is really essential, but the most of people do not know, that it can be solved with the help of protective shades for air conditioner.  They do not tell to their management about significant discomfort, trying to regulate air flow together with their colleagues in unassisted way. Eventually, some of them continue to experience wind blow, and it results in sick leave, and others, sitting at some distance, all time feel suffocating.
Our protective shades are remarkable due to their good aerodynamics design and they can be adjusted according to interior specific features and employees location. 

The installation of the protective shade on the conditioner can ensure health and comfort of the employees, and the ‘battle’ for the conditioner pulpit in the office finally stops, and visitors and customers do not have to wait in queue, because of the employees sick leaves.
Using conditioners during summer heat becomes the inescapable factor, but with reasonable use, your employees will be healthy!



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